Hair Care

  • Keep the hair clean and free from build up. We suggest shampooing and conditioning the hair at least once a week with warm or cold, NEVER HOT WATER. (shampooing hair too often may cause the hair to dry out). Before the install, we recommend shampooing, conditioning, and brushing hair with vent brush and allowing the hair to dry completely.   
  • Shampoo hair with moisturizing shampoo. Be sure to wash/manipulate hair in one direction being carful not to tangle or matte the hair and weft. Condition hair with moisturizing conditioner after each shampoo.

  • When swimming, it is recommended to wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water which may causes hair to tangle. If wearing a cap is not ideal, it is recommended to pre-moisten hair with tap water and conditioner. Detangle, Shampoo, Condition, and Style hair immediately after swimming. Never sleep on wet hair.

  • Treat hair as you would your own for long lasting extensions. Detangle, shampoo, condition, style etc.. Excess heat will create split ends and breakage over time. Color hair at your own risk. Coloring is best done by a professional. Our hair can last for a long time and multiple uses with proper care.