Our Story






Trust Organic Indian Hair Company was founded by hairstylists who have been in the business for over 20 years. 20 years ago, hair was either Indian or Italian, and very expensive. Now hair from China has flooded the market, artificially processed, and given exotic names such as Brazilian or Malaysian, set with wave patterns or tight uniform curls with promises of being unprocessed Remy or 100% human hair. In reality, hair from China has been blended with synthetic fibers or coated with chemicals to appear exotic.

As stylists, we have used our fair share of hair companies or individual wholesalers that have seemed to have a direct connection to real authentic hair, but only to be let down on a reorder. Clients bring in hair that they have spent countless hours researching trying to make sure what they are buying from the internet or on social media is the "real" deal. Many times their purchase may have been good quality initially however, after many shipments the clients realize they may receive cheaper quality hair at the same cost.

We have gotten hip to this hair game. Realizing after countless disasters with hair that tangled after 2 shampoos; hair that won't color properly because it has been chemically processed; hair that would melt on the flatiron with heat over 400 degrees; or hair that had to be replaced after each installation costing the customer hundreds even thousands of dollars, we set out on a journey to find top quality Indian hair. The same kind we used 20 years ago, that you could keep for a year or more with proper care. Our business as stylists is to KNOW real hair from the rest. If you are tired of substandard hair as well, look no further. We want to tell the TRUTH about this new hair industry so we can gain your TRUST.